Perfectly Appropriate

Just because you can, doesn't always mean you should...

So, if it were possible, I'd stay in my lounge wear all day.  
Granted, I would have a lot of lounge wear to choose from...but, just because I could do that, doesn't mean I should.  
​Instead, I've spent countless hours figuring out ways to make getting dressed simple, comfortable and interesting.  It's been my mission to sort out my own personal do's and don'ts so that I feel 'Perfectly Appropriate' in all situations.  Along the way I've learned that I can help others do this too.  It's my hope that this little piece of cyber space will inspire you so that getting dressed is fun and easy.  Whether you follow the blog, pop in to shop my looks, or are in need of styling services, I'm always happy to help.  

Fashion, styling and photography are proving to be my creative outlet in a fast paced family of three quickly growing kiddos.  While shopping has always been my number one hobby, I also love to cook, spend time with my friends and family and sample new wine.  Which is why I end up stopping by the gym frequently!  There isn't much I won't attempt at least once (that's legal anyway) and I'm always up for a new challenge!